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Work from home Dad

“My name is Gerry Melanephy… I have six grown children and live in Sligo in North West Ireland. Prior to becoming a distributor with the home-based business Great Profits Team, I had gone from a Jack Hammer operator with a Phone company, to Team Leader of a Phone Installation Team and that was over 28 years of my life. At the end it seems I was only worth 4.75 an hour. I always wanted better, but seemed to be stuck in the one track, like a needle on a broken record. Oh I would whinge and complain to my mates and union, but now looking back, it was my own fault, because I did not improve my value to the workplace…

I was broke all the time and I had no promotion prospects. You may know the feeling of thinking you’re rich on Pay day, and yet next day you’re broke and not a cent in your bank account as you paid all those bills in the brown envelopes. and you just have enough to pay the mortgage at the end of the month. When I went for promotion, I never got the job I wanted as someone else in the company was on better terms with the boss and they got looked after. Then I tried to be a small business owner… But I was still working off the idea that the world owed me a better wage so I was still poor. I had poor pension plans and no hope of improving my situation.

As a work from home dad I am my own boss…

And then this home-based business just kind of fell in my lap. As I was fed up with been broke and not having even six months wages in the bank after 23 years working in what most people would consider a good job. Well, I took a look, loved what I saw, got involved for the price of a good meal out, and using the system they taught me, I went to work on a very part-time basis… I worked full time on my job and paid the bills and I worked Part Time on my future so I could have the life I wanted… I started learning from other like minded people who were already successful who are sharing what works with people like me and you.

I went back to school in that I started reading good books and I used my car cassette Cd player as my university to educate myself on the value of money and how rich and wealthy people really make money work for them instead of what I was doing up to then of working for money…

Now, I work when I want to, not on a boss’s schedule or target’s and I work with who I want to. I love helping my friends improve their life. 

Being a work from home dad changed my life…

Today, just a few short years later, I am debt free and have paid off all mortgages and car loans, so I don’t owe a penny to anyone. I now earn more Part time per year, than I did in a full time job, and I’m still only working part-time!

I guess you could say that getting involved with this home-based business with the Great Profits Team continues to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Now the question is are you at the crossroads of your life and ready to take this road like I did a few short years ago? Right let’s get started on your journey too…

About Working From Home
About Working From Home

Being a work from home dad changed my life for the better…

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