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Hi there, are you having Fun today?

Fun is what life should be all about.

I’m a Catalogue messenger by day, and have fun doing this, aspiring actor and writer by night and have fun here as well, and this is my blog which I will have fun doing as well.

I live in Ireland and the UK and try to fit in as much fun as I can, have a great cat named Kitty, and I like piña coladas.
(And gettin’ caught in the rain, at 25-27 degrees) 🙂


The Great Profits Team is a great team to be part of and you can enjoy and have fun as well when ypu join us, in our Company was founded in 1998, and has been providing quality products to the public ever since. Located in the UK near Birmingham City, and works with over 5,000 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the UK and Irish and Germany and Dutch community.

As a new Distributor, you should go and check out this content. Have fun!

Kind regards



Gerry Melanephy

00353 87 2237086

Between the great Knocknarea where the Queen of Connaught

Working From Home and have Fun

Meave working from home

lies in her mound and Benbulbin which beneath is where William Butler Yeats is laid to rest and Lough Gill where it flows into the sea with it’s lake isle of Innisfree that William Butler Yeats wrote about.

When was the last time you had some fun in Ireland,

Visit Beautiful North West Ireland

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